Is anyone else getting crashes in some kdevplatform unit tests?

Daniel Calviño Sánchez danxuliu at
Tue Dec 29 00:37:21 UTC 2009

Maybe something is badly broken in my system, but I have seen that
unit tests that need to create a kdevplatform shell and core crash
when konsole is installed.

If I have konsole from kdebase/apps/konsole installed (from trunk),
the unit tests crash when initializing the core. If I uninstall it, no
crash happens in the tests. As some time ago I didn't have this
problem, I made a regression check and found that the crash happens
since Konsole commit 1017600

At first I thought that it was a problem in my test (I was updating
the patch in, but then I saw that
there are some tests in kdevplatform that show the same crash:

So I don't know if this is a bug in konsole, a bug in kdevplatform, a
bug in my system, a wrong way to initialize shell and core in unit

I don't remember seeing anything about this problem in the mailing
list nor in Bugzilla, and the Konsole commit was made almost 4 months
ago, so I suppose that it is a problem in my system, but I prefer to
bring it to your attention to be sure.

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