Commit r1066661: "Make it possible to run kdevelop in gdb again"

Nicolas Alvarez nicolas.alvarez at
Mon Dec 28 18:26:26 UTC 2009

Vladimir Prus wrote:
> On Monday 28 December 2009 14:20:10 David Nolden wrote:
>> I think that commit is not good. That way, when you start KDevelop
>> without an argument and a session, two instances of KDevelop wills stay
>> running, one of which wastes at least 100 MB of memory (a duchain
>> repository is always loaded)
>> Why is this even required? You can just start KDevelop and then attach to
>> it ("gdb --pid `pidof kdevelop`").

My KDevelop has been crashing on startup for a few days now. There is no 
time to attach a debugger.

> FWIW, and without any comment about merits of any patch, such approach is
> cumbersome compared to
> gdb kdevelop
> (gdb) run

That doesn't work now. The kdevelop process forks and runs a new kdevelop, 
and gdb stays watching the parent. If I set follow-fork-mode to 'child', 
when the child kdevelop runs 'uname' during startup, I'll be debugging uname 
(which promptly quits) while kdevelop crashes.

kdevelop1 -> kdevelop2 (with env var set) -> uname

How do I debug the middle process?


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