Review Request: Patch to reduce C++ parser memory consumption from 3% to 35%

Alexander Dymo alexander.dymo at
Mon Dec 21 23:27:43 UTC 2009

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Review request for KDevelop.


KDevelop C++ parser may consume a lot of memory because it sometimes creates AST nodes on the pool which aren't used later. For example, in some cases it tries to parse simple type specifier, creates a node for it, then decides that the stuff under the cursor isn't a type specifier and returns from the method leaving AST node in the pool.
Other methods (parseName, parsePrimaryExpression, etc.) have the same mistake.

Usually that's not the problem, but I have a 4M file which consists solely from array variable definitions with initializations. There're ~1 million integers for those arrays in the file and parser tries to figure out whether each of those integers is a type specifier. Of course they are not and the parser left ~100M of unused SimpleTypeSpecifierAST nodes. Same happened in other methods.

This patch fixes the problem, but it needs review (David?, Hamish?). I just don't know C++ parser enough to be sure I didn't break anything.

Also, this patch doesn't fix all such problems. If my change is correct, I'll continue with fixing the remaining places.


  /trunk/extragear/sdk/kdevelop/languages/cpp/parser/parser.cpp 1064830 



On my installation, 4 duchain tests were broken before this change. After this change I got no new broken tests.

Performance and memory consumption investigation:

== parsing my test file ==
before:	552M	3.84 sec
after:	364M	3.59 sec

== parsing the whole kdevplatform ==
before:	299M	92.93 sec
after:	291M	92.75 sec

Result: memory consumption decreased by 35% in my case and 3% in case of kdevplatform. As a side effect, the parser became a bit faster.



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