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Alexander Dymo alexander.dymo at gmail.com
Mon Dec 21 21:38:01 UTC 2009

понеділок, 21-гру-2009 19:08:48 David Nolden ви написали:
> Even KMail has a "File" menu entry, how broken
>  is that? I never know where to search for a specific function.

Just to reinstate, that there're good reasons for starting the menu with File:

1)  99.99999% of other apps start their menus from "File"
	- all IDE's and even Emacs
	- newcommers will actually get lost because they will expect 
	- existing users will be irritated, because KDevelop won't look/work
	like other apps

2) "File" menu _does_ make a lot of sense to KDevelop. After all, what you do 
most of the time is opening, editing and closing files. Only once or twice per 
day you have to open project (and I prefer the system to do that automatically 
by restoring the session on startup).

PS: believe me, I've been developing a single commercial app for almost 4 
years now. And I've learned point #1 the hard way (i.e. lost some money). 

People just don't like changes when they already have expectations on how 
things should work.
Area tabs and especially workingset buttons may work because people just don't 
have enough prior knowledge or analogies. They will either ignore those 
elements or learn to use them or blame us (like one person already did).

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