KDevelop4 UI

David Nolden zwabel at googlemail.com
Mon Dec 21 19:50:40 UTC 2009

Am Montag 21 Dezember 2009 18:03:26 schrieb Alexander Dymo:
> понеділок, 21-гру-2009 16:03:09 David Nolden ви написали:
> > I think technically the whole thing is doable, without utter hacks.
> Yes, but in kdelibs :) And last time I looked at it, I found a solution.

I guess this cannot be done for 4.4 due to freezes, can it? I don't really 
understand what you wrote as I'm not really familiar with KXMLGUI (except that 
I know what it does), but sounds like it would solve the problem.

Although there is also some very specific restructurings that would be useful 
for us, for example so we could only put a selected set of actions into the 
global "Edit" menu, and put the rest into "Edit -> Advanced" (Stuff like vi-
mode settings), could that also be achieved with that approach?

Greetings, David

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