Started to work on source-formatter

Esben Mose Hansen kde at
Sat Dec 5 11:52:24 UTC 2009

On Saturday 05 December 2009 12:05:50 David Nolden wrote:
> The problem is
> a) While writing code, it is no 'valid' code, so you don't know what it's 
> becoming, and thus you cannot indent it properly.
> b) "Indent on enter" would (hopefully) be compatible with publically 
> accessible indenters like "astyle", "uncrustify",  etc. without
>  modifications,  while for indent-per-keystroke you'd probably need a
>  completely own indenter solution that also works on partially written code
>  by anticipating what you might be writing. Past has shown that we don't
>  have the resources the maintain such a beast. ;-)
> Well, we could try to emulate some "indent on stroke"-like behavior with
>  some  hacks, but only if we find a solution on how to use external
>  indenters for that. The public interface for indenters is usually "give
>  file text" -> "return reformatted file text" and not much more.

It seems to me that we need a "complete this line for me" functionality, then.

Might be nice as a keystroke, too.


int getint() const { return getmyprivateint


int getint() const { return getmyprivateint(); }

would that be impossible?

Kind regards, Esben

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