proposal for new website design

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Wed Dec 2 20:26:32 UTC 2009

On 02.12.09 17:06:38, Sam S. wrote:
> > At least on one of my screens, the 'background' green looks a bit too intense,
> > maybe it would be good mixing that with the less intense background green on
> > the current website design.
> > Yes, too bright for me as well. Other than that:
> No problem, I'll bring down the saturation a little.

I actually don't find it too bright...
> > Very good, I like it. Very well arranged. Note that Amilcar (afaik) does not
> > want to use Drupal or anything else, but wants to continue to use his
> > homegrewn app.
> Amilcar's custom-made PHP-based system seems to have worked very well
> so far, I don't see a reason for not continuing to use it...
> I wasn't trying to suggest switching to Drupal or anything.

Thats actually something Amilcar is _very_ proud of and I admire him for
having created a system that is standard-compliant HTML, uses CSS for
styling and allows easy translation.

> Further comments/suggestions are welcome...

I really like the style and it does look more 2009 than the current one.
If you can implement this, you've earned 2 beers (or whatever else you
like to drink) from me :)


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