Git problem

Evgeniy Ivanov powerfox at
Thu Oct 9 16:54:50 UTC 2008


David Nolden wrote:
> Hi! I tried to do a local checkin using git, and it showed me the "status" 
> list. However the items in the status list were wrong, they all were one full 
> file-path with the names of the other files added as suffix. And when I 
> pressed "commit", it crashed.

Do you mean by local checkin just a commit? Can you please explain what
  you have done in depth?

> Is this supposed to work? :)

Everything in our svn is supposed to work :) If to be serious, commit,
branching, etc in git are well tested (I did much manual testing and
there are tests to control executors and parsers). The week part is
input handling and error handling (from GUI), but it's almost fixed:
this weekend will write more tests for this purpose.

Cheers, Evgeniy.
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