C++ support doesn't work with std::vector

David Nolden zwabel+kde at gmail.com
Fri May 30 17:25:18 UTC 2008

Ok I have compared to mine. I have gcc 4.3, and my stl_vector.h is newer and 
has some added stuff, but not in a significant area. It may be that one of 
the other involved files is different though. This needs analyzing, and it's 
always very hard analyzing such stuff. The best thing possible would be a 
minimal failing example. Maybe when you have some time, can you try doing 
that? You need to copy the probably the about three involved header files 
into a directory(or if possible even one file), make sure they include each 
other and don't use global headers, and then start removing all stuff not 
involved in the type until the problem is minimal, and then send it to me.

If you don't do that, then the problem will probably also show to me at some 
point in another case, and will be fixed by then. ;)

Greetings, David

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