filesystem view does not honour single click

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Thu May 29 21:15:47 UTC 2008

On 25.05.08 13:34:30, David Nolden wrote:
> On Sunday 25 May 2008 09:56:43 Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> > > Why not embed dolphin's view in the filesystem view? Dolphins details
> > > view and column view provide selection when clicked on the icon and
> > > navigation when on the text.
> I'm also in favor of that, because then we would instantly get a lot of nice 
> features, like breadcrumb navigation, and a file-tree. The default view type 
> could be list-view, then it would be similar to what we have now when it 
> comes to screen space usage.

Just tried and no we don't get any of that. The dolphin part is a simple
iconview. There's no breadcrumb, it has no API and no actions in its
actioncollection either.

Apart from those techical issues: What if kdevelop is started on a
system that doesn't have dolphin installed? The KPart is not part of
kdelibs or kdebase-runtime, which means people won't get any filemanager
if they don't install dolphin. Thats not good IMHO. I know the same
applies to the embedded konsole, but writing a good terminal app is
quite a bit more work then displaying the data of the existing
filesystem model and adding some basic navigation to it.


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