Hackathon notes

Esben Mose Hansen kde at mosehansen.dk
Tue May 13 13:01:52 UTC 2008

On Sunday May 11 2008 18:53:34 Vladimir Prus wrote:
> - Qt grabs Alt for menu accelerators. I don't actually care
> for menu accelerators. Is there any way we can disable specific
> menu accelerators?

That would be pretty inconsitent with everything else in KDE, and besides, I 
would wager quite a few people actually use these. 

The menu accelerators are very similar to the Emacs c-h i or whatever, e.g 
repopulate project is m-p u (or Alt P U).  An added benefit is that all 
available combinations are immediately visible at all times. This makes them 
ideal for the non-mouse users, especially with the rarely used commands.

In general, I personally believe that kdevelop should follow the KDE keyboard 
layouts where possible (e.g. ctrl-o for open file, ctrl-n for new, ctrl-w for 
close tab) and then use what is left for rest of the shortcuts. Quick open 
(c-m-o) is  one of those that I think makes sense (a modified open).

Just my two €0.02 :) 

regards, Esben

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