EBN issues

Frederik Schwarzer schwarzerf at gmail.com
Sun May 11 09:06:11 UTC 2008


yesterday I had a look at some issues EBN complains about. I was just 
interested in it generally but looked at the issues reported in kdevelop code.
While being there, I fixed some of the things. The diff is attached. Maybe 
somebody wants to have a short look and see if it's useful.

One thing I do not understand is why the Q_OBJECT macro breaks compilation if 
placed in the class ExpressionValueCommand in 
languages/cpp/debugger/gdbcommand.h. Is is because Q_OBJECT is not allowed 
twice in a file?

Another thing I wasn't sure about is the include guard in 
It is
and I simply changed it to
Anyway, you'll know. :)

One question remaining. EBN issues " " as being a string where a char would be 
enough. What's with "" then? Isn't there an empty string created?

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