What's keeping us from being releasable?

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Tue May 6 15:09:41 UTC 2008

On 05.05.08 10:09:11, Matt Rogers wrote:
> After seeing the Goals list of the release-team mailing list, I'm wondering 
> just what exactly is keeping us from releasing with KDE 4.1.
> Please fill me in. I think if we used the time appropriately, we could 
> actually make a run at releasing KDevelop 4.0 (etc.) with KDE 4.1

- no use-building for projects, which means code-navigation only works
  on open files
- quickopen is very slow here even in release builds
- qmake support can't parse anything but very simple projects
- workspace-concept isn't finished
- debugger isn't there - AFAIK
- designer-plugin is barely working (though we could just disable/remove
  that for the 4.0 release)
- shortcuts-overriding/scheme still not done
- area concept not yet done

to name a few I know of. IIRC message freeze is in 2 weeks, which is
really close and I don't see us making that deadline, unless we simply
release what we have right now.


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