Area model

Alexander Dymo dymo at
Mon May 5 18:50:41 UTC 2008

Vladimir, thanks for the explanation (in this and your other mail). At least 
now I understand much better what areas are and how we want to use them. I 
didn't know that before I started implementing areas.

The current implementation still bothers me a bit. We have two separate 
concepts - area types and areas which are implemented using the same Area 
class and distinguished by uicontroller as "default" area shown nowhere 
or "clone of the default" shown in the mainwindow. I'd like to try separating 
these two in the code as well into Area and AreaType classes. AreaType would 
be the default area added in the code or by plugins and Area class would be 
the same as it was before - just collection of views shown in the mainwindow.

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