[patch] Shortcut schemes for any KDE application (specifically for KDevelop, plugins and Kate Part)

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Wed Mar 5 09:11:45 UTC 2008

On 05.03.08 10:10:34, Alexander Dymo wrote:
> On Wednesday 05 March 2008 01:28:11 Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> > a) Creating a new scheme, changing two shortcuts. Then switching back to
> > Default and again to the new scheme the dialog is empty and apparently
> > thats also what the scheme file stores as cancelling and re-opening the
> > dialog doesn't bring up any shortcuts
> > b) cancel doesn't undo a scheme change, i.e. choosing a different scheme
> > from the combobox and then cancelling should revert back to the
> > previously selected scheme
> Agree. But there's one more alternative - we can have separate scheme 
> selection dialog where stuff like this will be easier to implement. 

I don't like that. Having a separate dialog for just a few buttons is
a waste and its cumbersome then to do changes - possibly going back and
forth between two dialogs.

> The way shortcut dialog works now, I think we can ask the user if he wants to 
> save or cancel his shortcut changes when changing the scheme. Right now I 
> silently cancel the changes. Without save/cancel on scheme change it's quite 
> hard to implement scheme selector inside the dialog.

Then fix the dialog :) Seriously the shortcut dialog currently undergoes
some changes as far as I can see, so it seems like the best time to fix
any problems in it that come up while doing the scheme-stuff.

I agree though that a save/cancel message on changing the scheme would
be good, however the cancel on the dialog should still undo any scheme
changes I did (i.e. changing from Default to foobar should be undone). 

> > e) The combobox is empty initially, shouldn't it have the "Default"
> > entry? (or is this because I removed the existing scheme files and
> > restarted kate? I didn't find any other place to change back)
> Hmm, how did you get that? You should have seen the "Default"... I'll try to 
> reproduce this in the evening.

Hard to say for sure :) I first started kate, opened the dialog, created
a new scheme. Changed two shortcuts. Hit the "Save as scheme defaults"
thing, then tried the export. Then I changed back to default and back
again to foobar. As it was empty I cancelled, quit kate and went to
$HOME/.kde/share/apps/kate/ removed the two files I found there
DefaulXXX and foobarXXX and restarted kate. Then I had the combobox
empty and after opening it the second entry was "Default". Didn't try to
reproduce that yet.


Is this really happening?

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