[patch] Shortcut schemes for any KDE application (specifically for KDevelop, plugins and Kate Part)

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Tue Mar 4 23:28:11 UTC 2008

On 02.03.08 21:32:45, Alexander Dymo wrote:
> Hey,
> I think I know how we can escape from our shortcuts ghetto. The solution is 
> quite simple - we need to ship shortcut schemes for kate part (and other 
> parts we embed) by ourselves.

I like the idea very much and its something that benefits basically all
apps. Users like to have scheme's especially for shortcuts and this way
they can even exchange them.

> To do that, I've implemented the shortcuts schemes support in xmlgui (see 
> patch) and shortcuts dialog in kdelibs. You can apply the patch, recompile 
> kdelibs and restart kdevelop (patch is BC) to try that. Please try and tell 
> me your opinion.

Works basically, but I noticed a few things:

a) Creating a new scheme, changing two shortcuts. Then switching back to
Default and again to the new scheme the dialog is empty and apparently
thats also what the scheme file stores as cancelling and re-opening the
dialog doesn't bring up any shortcuts

b) cancel doesn't undo a scheme change, i.e. choosing a different scheme
from the combobox and then cancelling should revert back to the
previously selected scheme

c) the "export to file" doesn't do anything for me

d) what does the "save these shortcuts as default for this theme" thing
do? Doesn't it automatically store any changes to the shortcuts editor
in the scheme? IMHO it should

e) The combobox is empty initially, shouldn't it have the "Default"
entry? (or is this because I removed the existing scheme files and
restarted kate? I didn't find any other place to change back)

I guess thats enough for starters :)


PS: I didn't look at the patch itself, I trust you to do proper coding
or getting hit over with a bat on k-c-d once you post it there ;)

Excellent time to become a missing person.

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