I need some help: please run tests

Evgeniy Ivanov powerfox at kde.ru
Mon Jun 30 11:37:34 UTC 2008

Hi folks.
I have some troubles with my plugin, the code that was OK doesn't work 
Gitplugin tests have a failure that coused by the thing QProcess can't 
read some Git variable (when I run manually everything is ok, but in 
QProcess Git asks me to put my name and email to the config). I got it 
after OpenSUSE 10.2 -> 11.0. It may be a KDE4 bug, Qt4 bug, Git bug...
Please run  tests in kdevplatform/plugins/git/tests  (you should have 
Git!) and send to the lists results about failure and your system 
(Distro, KDE, Qt, Git). If everything is ok then I need just an 
information about your system.

Best Regards,

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