[RFC] Transform workspace into session

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Sun Jun 29 20:23:52 UTC 2008


at the kdevelop sprint we pretty much agreed that some "central" place
to store metadata is needed, so I implemented a "workspace" thing thats
part of our project tree model. However thinking about this, it doesn't
make too much sense there and it also introduces space-wasting in the

Now other apps in KDE have a concept of "session" which IMHO fits here
pretty well, we can assign a data-area to a session. So plugins that
still want to store some project-unrelated metadata (like teamwork for
example, or svn-plugin for repositories) can do it. Also looking at kate
this works pretty well, people not interested in it (like Alex) can just
tell KDevelop once on first startup to use the default session and never
ask again for session-choosing.

What do others think? Should we(I) look at how Kate's doing it and
eventually try to move some code to kdelibs for 4.2 so we can share code
with kate (or else just copy)?


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