Opening bugzilla for users?

Evgeniy Ivanov powerfox at
Sat Jun 28 09:50:14 UTC 2008

Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> Hi,
> Now my problem is: Where to put these. Technically they're bugs and
> belong into bugzilla. But we're telling users currently that bugzilla is
> not open for KDevelop4 and I don't like saying this on one hand and
> using it ourselves on the other. 
> So I'm wondering: If I do some triaging of feature wishes and bugs this
> weekend and the upcoming week (to reduce the amount of reported bugs)
> can/should we open bugzilla for users bugreports? 
I saw somewhere the list of bugs/features for beginners. I think it was 
kde's bugzilla (but maybe techbase).

Best Regards,

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