[patch] kdevelop desktop entry standard compliance

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Sun Jun 22 13:18:11 UTC 2008

On 21.06.08 12:47:26, Carsten Lohrke wrote:
> while KDE adheres to the desktop entry standard only to a degree, it would be 
> nice to stay as close to it as possible. Please apply these two patches to 
> the KDevelop 3.5 branch. Thanks.

There are changes in there that might break things. Like removing the
encoding, are you sure that since KDE 3.4 all KDE versions assume utf-8
encoding of the files?

More comments inline.

> -DocPath=kdevelop/index.html
> +X-DocPath=kdevelop/index.html

Is this used by khelpcenter? If so, does it still work with the changed
property? If its not khelpcenter, who uses this entry?

> -Exec=%{APPNAMELC} %i %m -caption "%c"
> +Exec=%{APPNAMELC} %i -caption "%c"

I guess this change was unintentional, right?

> -Exec=kdevdesigner %i %m -caption "%c"
> +Exec=kdevdesigner %i -caption "%c"

Same as above?

Note: I'm not saying the changes shouldn't be applied, but I'd like to
make sure they don't break anything (and I don't have time to test that
myself right now) as nobody's really working on KDevelop3 - so
personally I think we should keep the amount of changes to the codebase
small as none of us really keeps track of things there.


Someone is speaking well of you.

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