Hamish Rodda rodda at kde.org
Fri Jun 20 11:51:32 UTC 2008


On Friday 20 June 2008 19:33:07 David Nolden wrote:
> Isn't that lock supposed to be a write-lock, since you're locking the smart
> mutex?

On further examination, it's ok as long as you don't try to take the duchain 
lock with the smart lock held.  you can take the smart lock by itself if you 
don't then request the duchain lock.  It's also safe to take the smart lock 
with the duchain lock held.


duchain lock alone (ok)
duchain lock - > smart lock (ok)
smart lock alone (ok)
smart lock -> duchain lock (deadlock)

It's becoming clearer but I need some more time to work on kate to iron out 
its lack of proper locking (to fix the list reference crash which I get all 
the time).

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