Feature list for 4.0

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at users.sourceforge.net
Fri Jun 20 00:33:47 UTC 2008

David Nolden wrote:
> Is it possible that you've been using kdevelop for a few hours when you 
> recorded your 1.4 gig memory usage? Because that's the only case when such 
> crazy things happen on my setup. Memory usage is no more than 600 mb during 
> the first 20 minutes, no matter how many different files I open.

Pretty sure I had been, I think I said so a few mails back. Still scary 
though because I've only touched a relatively small part of the code 
base recently, there could easily be times I'd go through quite a bit 
more than I'd done.

> Anyway, this is a known problem, solving it is part of my SOC, and it's being 
> actively worked on. So please just stop discussing this now, it doesn't make 
> sense.

"We know about it and are intending to do something about it" is all I'm 
looking for :-). Thanks.

Did you hear about the pig that makes footwear for cows? He's a real moo 
shoe pork.

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