kdevplatform:teamwork plugin under Kubuntu

Andrew Lowe andrew.lowe at manildra.com.au
Thu Jun 19 10:05:44 UTC 2008

On Wednesday 18 June 2008 20:28:27 Andreas Pakulat wrote:

> I'm using gcc 4.2 all the time. So yes this looks as if the ubuntu
> compiler package is broken. I recall that I had similar problems with
> the CommonC++ library in debian and it was fixed in the meantime but I
> can't recall how.
> OTOH this might be a case of "underlinking", though AFAIK we shouldn't
> need to link against pthread directly, but the same is true apparently
> for "dl". Can you try wether adding "pthread" to the
> target_link_libraries line in teamwork/lib/dynamictext/ solves your
> problem?
> Andreas

Adding pthread to target_link_libraries fixed the problem... I seem to have 
serveral different libpthread.so libraries also several atomicity.h files for 
various different platforms (lib64, lsb2, lsb3, ppc, and others) that ubuntu 
seems to have by default. perhaps this is the problem, but linking against 
pthread directly fixes the problem.

I had the same problem building kdewebdev with kxlsdbg and adding pthread to 
target_link_libraries fixed the problem there (not fully built yet, as there 
are more then one place with problems - quanta also uses the kxsldbgpart that 
is broken)

attaching patch of changes for you to see

will send the same to quanta-devel list.... for that project shortly (when I 
build successfully)

Hope this helps someone... and thanks for the help

Andrew Lowe
andrew.lowe at manildra.com.au
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