Feature list for 4.0

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Wed Jun 18 21:11:06 UTC 2008

On 18.06.08 14:59:48, Matthew Woehlke wrote:
> Hamish Rodda wrote:
> > On Wednesday 18 June 2008 11:58:03 Matthew Woehlke wrote:
> >> grep: where are you? I can't find the find+grep integration anywhere
> > 
> > Same as kdev3, it's edit->find in files, or ctrl+alt+f.  if you can't see it, 
> > your plugin loading is broken and you should look into why your syscoa can't 
> > see them.
> Ok, let me rephrase that then. Please bring back the /context menu/ :-). 
> (I never invoked grep from the menu, always from right-clicking on 
> something I want to search for.) Jump to Function and friends are also 
> missing :-(.

The whole context menu is missing (that is the kdevelop special part).
BTW: If the cursor is on some text, you can just Ctrl+Alt+F and it'll
search for it, a lot faster than context menu ;)

> > We're working hard on the quick open stuff.  It doesn't work across the whole 
> > project because the persistent duchain is not written... patience needed here.
> I can be patient :-). I'm just saying that, with ctags MIA and quick 
> open not yet "up to snuff" I'm not ready to call that "releasable", 

Hope you're aware that we're not targetting KDE 4.1, we're targeting 4.2

> since it's a pretty big hole in function. Don't get me wrong, I 
> understand that there's a lot of work to do (and I'm impressed with the 
> progress so far!), it's just when I see Matt asking "why can't we 
> release" that I go "you're kidding, right?" :-). (Ok, I guess kdevelop 
> as-is is /functional/, just missing some important bits that 3.x has.)

It actually really is, besides being a bit slow on my machine in general
(mostly thats kate's fault though). Quick-Open does work quite well
already, including all project files and classes. BTW: I suggest to only
turn on "Project" scope in quick-open, thats a _lot_ faster than if you
have "included files" and the other option on (which IIRC is the

> >> file tree: I'd really like this back, please :-). I've been making do,
> >> more or less, with the project view, but that adds several levels of
> >> indentation to all files, so that I have to make it wider just to read
> >> the file names.
> > 
> > View-> add toolview -> file system.  Yes, I think our new tool view management 
> > system is a problem, it's too hidden and with inadequate defaults.
> Er... no, that's file list, which I hated just as much in 3.x. I need my 
> tree :-). For the project I mainly work on, file list (or as it's now 
> called, "file system") is much too clumsy. Poking around foo/bar/*.c and 
> needing to open foo/none/meep.h or dog/cat/pig.c is the norm.

Thats the project tree. I don't see a comeback of the general purpose
file-tree we had in kdevelop3.

> As I said, project view is halfway there... I can live with the 
> sort-by-type, 
> but the extra indentation 

?? What indentation do you mean?

> and lack of horizontal scrolling 

Hmm, my projectree does have horizontal scrollbars. Did I miss

> are sub-optimal. Plus it has that lower pane that insists on sucking up 
> valuable space.

Check out the little green arrow, yes that one you're looking at now.
Try to click it and voila the buildset stuff is hidden.

> (What might work, and would be effectively the same thing, is if file 
> system let you expand subfolders in place. It's also missing bolded 
> files when they belong to the project, and the ability to hide 
> non-project files, or add files to the project.

Filesystem has no idea about project stuff, its only purpose is to
navigate the filesystem. The Ui itself will most probably be replaced by
KDirOperator sooner or later, as we can't maintain a filesystem view

> Project view doesn't seem to have this either??)

For now the project managers add all files in the directories to the
project tree, so everything you see in the project tree belongs to the
project. The problem is that at least cmake and mostly also plain
Makefile's don't have enough information to properly add the header
files of a project to the projecttree. This means you won't have
quick-open on it and possibly some more problems. Besides the
projecttree looks rather funny with "just" dirs+targets+cpp files.

> Oh, and the way project view tries too hard to keep the selection 
> visible is REALLY annoying :-). Try to dig out a file somewhere well 
> off-screen of the current selection and you'll see what I mean.

Your build is old ;) That doesn't happen anymore - or rather it should
not. Hamish keeps saying it happens for him, but I can't reproduce that
anymore since I removed a few uneeded methods from the treeview.

> I'm glad the new box is 64-bit; if I was trying to use kdevelop in its 
> current state on a 32-bit system I'd almost certainly run out of address 
> space.

Haven't had a problem so far :) And yes, I did use it for more than a
handful of files and a couple of minutes.


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