Amilcar do Carmo Lucas webmaster at kdevelop.org
Tue Jun 17 14:23:33 UTC 2008

On Tuesday 17 June 2008 16:08:30 Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> The kde crash dialog is pretty slow/memory
> consuming anyway (for no good reason IMHO), its better to either run
> kdevelop with gdb by attaching it, or by letting it create a core file.
> For that I'm starting kdev4 with a little shell script like this:
> ulimit -c 100000
> kdevelop --no-crashhandler
> this disables kde's crash dialog and thus you get a core file. Then you
> can start gdb on the core file and let it print a backtrace, which
> usually is a lot faster.

Can you add this info to the wiki ?
It seams very helpfull.

Amilcar Lucas
The KDevelop project

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