Document tabs on top.

tomasz2k at tomasz2k at
Tue Jun 10 08:49:00 UTC 2008

Thank you Hamish.

First I want to achieve an easy task that someone pointed out as a wish: to create tabs side by side for the same base filenames with different extensions:

Now tabs look like this:
| myfile.h | myfile.cpp | myfile.ui | yourfile.h | yourfile.cpp |

Wished look:
| myfile.h | .cpp | .ui | yourfile.h | .cpp |

or maybe:
| myfile.h, .cpp, .ui | yourfile.h, .cpp |

I think it's an easy task for the beginning to get familiar with opened documents and views. Then I want to write an "Alt-tab" behaviour widget with all opened views by last accessed hierarchy.

I've found sublime, right now I'm looking for controller/factory that has all views of all documents opened ;)

Thanks again,
Tomasz Kalkosiński

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