Fwd: Sponsoring Kdevelop

Frederik Schwarzer schwarzerf at gmail.com
Sat Jun 7 11:08:50 UTC 2008

On Saturday 07 June 2008 12:14:33 Amilcar do Carmo Lucas wrote:
> On Saturday 07 June 2008 11:40:20 Manuel Breugelmans wrote:


> > Still too crowded. To remedy this you could a) Hide the rightmost column
> > with 'picture-corner', 'downloads-per-hour' etc completly.
> It's only visible in the main page, as soon as the uses selects a subpage it 
> goes away.

I do not see how replacing the screenshot box with a huge whitespace
would make the page more readable.

> > b) Introduce whitespace left & right such as on www.kde.org, 
> > www.koffice.org etc
> Do not like the idea. It's a question of taste on this one, and unless tons of 
> people ask me to (and patch the .css file) I will not do it.

Or leave it as is like amarok.kde.org, konversation.kde.org, www.digikam.org etc.
It is juyt two opinions, not a real "good style" vs. "bad style" question.
Besides. Many of the websites created today with just a bunch of keywords on it put
in large coloured bubbles that lead to other bubble pages with a few more keywords
on it... I think that is not appropriate for a developer tool (besides RoR stuff ;)).

The user mode feels better than the developer mode.
One thing that could improve the situation is separating the versions differently.
- the whole website (not only the homepage) presents the current stable version
- there is a developer section with information about the next version
- there is an archive for all the ancient stuff
Particularly I do not like the header of many pages with a collection of links to all
the other versions. It's nice to have them available, but not in such a primary position.

And I do not see the need for a seemlessly integrated wiki.
Although the KDevelop wiki could need some design love. :)
Has anyone tried switching the wiki theme? Here most of the few are broken.

I do not have an opinion about the sponsoring (mainly because it's none of
my business :)) but as far as I can see the developer meeting was one of the
best things that happened to KDevelop in some time. So collecting money for
a second episode of that sounds reasonable.


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