iproject API

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Tue Jul 29 10:39:12 UTC 2008

On 29.07.08 11:44:42, Niko Sams wrote:
> > Neither. The "Version Control" entry will work on the projects "primary"
> > VCS, which still needs a kcm to change it. However its nice to be able
> > to use a different VCS sometimes for the same project locally (I've once
> > needed to import a CVS-managed project into an SVN tree and it was quite
> > nice to being able to run cvs update in it to keep in sync with
> > "upstream"), so the entries "Subversion","Git",... will stay.
> Doesn't this fill contextmenu with entries that are only used in edge-cases?
> I will never use Hg or Bazaar - actually i don't have them installed at all.

If they're not installed, you won't get a Version Control entry for Hg
or Bzr controlled projects. And you won't get the Bazaar/Hg top-level
entry either because thats still contributed by the individual plugins.

And btw, I think hg+bzr+cvs should move to extragear or even playground
sooner or later.

> Wouldn't be a way (in project configuration) to specify multiple vcs better?

No, that bloats up configuration for no good reason. Besides the VC
systems are usually smart enough to know wether they can handle a given
directory/file. So we don't need configuration, except for the
"primary" VC system so people find the common operations under the same
menu entry - no matter which VC system they use.


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