[PATCH] minor sublime modifications

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Mon Jul 28 20:14:30 UTC 2008

On 28.07.08 12:46:20, Manuel Breugelmans wrote:

Here are the comments on the actual patch:

> Index: interfaces/iuicontroller.h
> ===================================================================
> --- interfaces/iuicontroller.h	(revision 838440)
> +++ interfaces/iuicontroller.h	(working copy)
> @@ -69,12 +69,20 @@
>      virtual void switchToArea(const QString &areaName, SwitchMode switchMode) = 0;
> +    /** Register a toolview and try to add it to the UI.
> +        A user will be able to create new tool views like this one. */
>      virtual void addToolView(const QString &name, IToolViewFactory *factory) = 0;
> +    /** Spawn a toolview, return true if successful.
> +        Use it for one-off views, which should not be added by a user directly. */
> +    virtual bool showToolView(const QString &name, IToolViewFactory* factory) = 0;

?? I have no idea what the difference between showToolView and
addToolView is from this comment. What does "one off" mean?

>      virtual void removeToolView(IToolViewFactory *factory) = 0;
>      /** @return active mainwindow or 0 if no such mainwindow is active.*/
>      virtual KParts::MainWindow *activeMainWindow() = 0;
> +    /** Do not store view configuration for toolviews with id @param toolViewId */
> +    virtual void excludeFromSave(const QString& toolViewId) = 0;
> +

This should be a flag for addToolView. Either that or we should have a
virtual function on a base class of the widget thats returned from the
factory that actually does the saving. (which we will have at some point
anyway). Then a subclass of this base-widget can decide to override it
and instead of calling the super-implementation it only does what it
wants to do.

> +            if (d->saveBlackList.contains(view->document()->documentType())) continue;

That should be two lines for better readability.

About the rest: the new virtuals and that stuff I'm not sure thats ok
all through. I'd have to apply the patch and re-check everything, not
time tonight for that unfortunately and also not tomorrow.


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