QObjects on interfaces

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Fri Jul 25 17:42:40 UTC 2008

On 25.07.08 17:51:18, Richard Dale wrote:
> > As I already said to Aleix on IRC, IMHO we need to get bindings for the
> > popular languages for kdevplatform - fast. Now that persistent DUChain
> > has landed and the other parts only get smaller changes I think its the
> > right time to ask our bindings developers to provide the bindings.
> OK, I will try and keep the kdevplatform smoke lib and ruby extension
> working and following the changes in the KDevelop headers for KDE 4.2. But
> recently there has just been too much 'header churn' to make that possible.

I know thats why I didn't say anything any earlier. I have to admit that
I don't know how David's, Evgenyi's or Aleix plans are wrt. API changes,
but maybe you should wait until end of SoC?

> It should be possible to create a C# extension, but the headers will need to
> be more stable again to make that worthwhile. We've recently got KTextEditor
> based bindings working with Ruby and C# and that is an important foundation
> for the KDevelop stuff.

I'm following the kdebindings list and this looks quite nice.

> > IIRC
> > the bindings-meeting produced a bridge between kross and ruby-binding
> > objects, so obviously its technically possible to work with bindings for
> > libraries where QObject shouldn't be introduced.
> The Kross/QtRuby bridge only works for QObject and QWidget based classes.

Hmm... Not what I hoped :( That makes plugins which need to deal with
non-QObject API's quite a bit harder (thinking of language plugins here). 

Anyway thanks for your and the bindings team efforts.


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