QObjects on interfaces

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Fri Jul 25 06:46:34 UTC 2008

On 25.07.08 00:19:01, Aleix wrote:
> Hi kdevelopers,
> I know it is a discussion that has raised sometimes on the IRC and on the
> hackaton but it is something important enough to be discussed here.
> As you might know, I'm working on the KDevPlatform Kross support and, for
> Kross it is necessary that an Object, to be recognized, inherits a QObject
> to retrieve the methods it has.
> When I have a non-QObject class, I have 2 alternatives if I want it to be
> called from a script:
> make it a QObject (as I did in the patch attatched)
> -or-
> make a wrapper as I did in kross/projectitemadaptors.h
> I think it is much better to get it from the QObject because we don't
> duplicate any code but I also understand that in cases where it is just
> heavy to use a QObject so...
> Note: the attatched patch is just an example of how things change when I
> make it QObject, I don't mean it is the only cases I need that.

I'd like to add to this that there's no technical reason in this
particular case to not use QObject. (i.e. these classes aren't created
that often that the slight overhead of QObject has an impact)

However I don't like to be punished when writing C++ code, "just"
because Kross can't work with ordinary classes (and yes I do understand
the technical reasons why that is so). Apart from the fact that its not
proper design as these classes usually just don't need to be QObject
classes and thus shouldn't be.

As I already said to Aleix on IRC, IMHO we need to get bindings for the
popular languages for kdevplatform - fast. Now that persistent DUChain
has landed and the other parts only get smaller changes I think its the
right time to ask our bindings developers to provide the bindings. IIRC
the bindings-meeting produced a bridge between kross and ruby-binding
objects, so obviously its technically possible to work with bindings for
libraries where QObject shouldn't be introduced.

Thats my opinion. I'd like to hear those from other people.


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