Sublime split view

Manuel Breugelmans mbr.nxi at
Thu Jul 24 23:42:52 UTC 2008

As discussed a couple of days ago on irc, veritas splits it's test runner tool 
view from the corresponding results tool. Reason for this is obvious: runner 
contains a test suite tree and hence should be vertical, but the results view 
contain descriptive messages + file names and thus should be horizontal.  
Andreas insisted on sending something to this ml about it so here goes.

Problem is that sublime was not designed with linked toolviews in mind.  
StandardOutputView works around this by digging quite deep into sublime 
internals, store tool view data, connect to internal controller signals and so 
forth. The link I need in veritas is however a bit stronger: result should not 
be around withtout a runner and vice versa, id est a 1:1 mapping. I have more 
or less implemented this in veritas, which is not quite the right place. The 
only extension I _will_ need is control over which tools get written to config, 
the child one should not.

Code which accomplishes this is totally out of place though ...
plugins/xtest/qtest/qtestplugin.cpp {removeResultsView and friends}

Supporting this in sublime would clean standardoutputview and the veritas 
runner-results view thing. I'm not bothered enough to do it myself though, i'm 
not sure anyone else is either.


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