Language Issues

Frederik Schwarzer schwarzerf at
Tue Jul 8 23:56:20 UTC 2008


while crawling through kdevelop's po file, I noticed a few things.

- Don't!
   In some (or many) places abbreviations like "don't" are used.
   These are terms only used in spoken english.
   Are you officially following the KDE policy of not using them?

- Directory vs. Folder
   Here, directory and folder are just placeholders for deprecated and
   shiny new terms to be used in KDE. Are you also following the
   "prefered terms" policy?

- Executable vs. Binary
   There are also a few more technical terms that are not covered by the
   KDE wording task force.
   E.g. how do you want the programme file of Make to be called?
   Make executable or Make binary?
   Both terms are used side by side at the moment.

- Credits
   There is a name with an @ sign in it and another one with the surname
   written UPPERCASE.
   Furthermore, are all contributors to be listed there? Does it make sense to
   only keep those who contributed to facilities still there in KDevelop 4?
   I.e. skip (or move) mentioning of Ada or PHP support?
- Be careful what you write
   I also found a few strings where the author was not sure what to put there yet.
   Putting stuff like "bla bla bla" or "Nothing to see here" might be ok for developers
   but these strings are also extracted to po files and distributed to a bunch of
   translators. Some of them keep track of changes early and thus have to deal with
   stuff like that.
   Is it possible to skip the i18n() in those cases and put a // FIXME there as a
   reminder for later?


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