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Forwarding my message, as it still doesn't show up on kdevelop-devel
(I wasn't subscribed)
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Betreff: [quanta-devel] Upload-Plugin
Datum: Montag, 21. Januar 2008
Von: Niko Sams <niko.sams at gmail.com>
An: quanta-devel at kde.org, kdevelop-devel at kdevelop.org


I did some work on an upload plugin for Quanta4. And I'm asking you now to
review my code - this is the first time I'm working with KConfig, KIO, KDevelop...
I tested it with quanta - but it should work also with kdevelop - as it has no dependencies
on quanta.

Apply the attached upload.diff to quanta and extract upload.tar.gz.
Additionally a small fix for quanta projectfilemanager.diff I made - it adds folders
as folders and not files to the project.

- open a project
- Settings -> Configure Project
- Upload, edit profiles there
- rightclick a project-item, select upload

Uploadprofiles and times of uploads will be saved in the developer-project-config.

And now my questions:
- where could a upload-action be placed? (Context-Menu for the project-items is
   not very intuitive - it should be in some menu)
   But how does such a action know what project is active?
- Is the model-proxy approach I made with UploadProjectModel a good idea?
- three files are linked into the plugin and the pref-plugin; can i avoid this?
- uploaddialog.cpp:176 is that working?

Please tell me whats good/bad about the plugin - and for what parts there would
be a easier/better solultion...

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