[kdev3.5] doxygen part exit

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Sun Jan 20 09:55:02 UTC 2008

On 20.01.08 02:58:36, Bernd Buschinski wrote:
> Ahh I forget to attach the patch :)

Two things:

a) don't mix different type of changes, post separate patches please.

> Index: parts/doxygen/config.cpp
> ===================================================================
> --- parts/doxygen/config.cpp	(revision 763639)
> +++ parts/doxygen/config.cpp	(working copy)
> @@ -909,7 +909,7 @@
>    else
>    {
>      config_err("Error: @INCLUDE = %s: not found!\n",inc.data());
> -    exit(1);
> +    //exit(1); //no dont exit kdevelop
>    }
>  }

This whole code looks higly suspicious to me, config.cpp contains a full
flex-generated lexer. But there's no sign of a .ll file anywhere in the
doxygen plugin. Is this from the doxygen source?

BTW: I'm fine with commenting out the exit(1), looks like this was
supposed to be part of a commandline tool like doxygen, I'd just like to
know where the file content comes from.


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