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Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Mon Jan 14 10:44:23 UTC 2008


just wanted to check wether there are any important reasons to use
single-quotes for mkdir and cd? Anybody knows of any problems with

Andreas, who's not a sh-guru

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On Thursday, 10. January 2008 21:09:13 Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> Can you elaborate a bit when exactly those calls are done? I'm
> suspecting its when you build your project, but I can't quite see why
> there would be a mkdir call... 

I get the mkdir when I change the build directory from 
hardcoded '../../obj/Debug-x86_64-gcc4.2.1/Quarc-1.5.0' to the variable
'../../obj/Debug-$(uname -i)-gcc$(gcc -dumpversion)/Quarc-1.5.0' and answer 
the the 'Re-run configure for debug now?'-dialog with 'Rerun'.

mkdir '/home/joerg/projects/Quarc/trunk/Quarc/../../obj/Debug-$(uname -i)-gcc$(gcc -dumpversion)/Quarc-1.5.0' 
cd '/home/joerg/projects/Quarc/trunk/Quarc/../../obj/Debug-$(uname -i)-gcc$(gcc -dumpversion)/Quarc-1.5.0' 
&& fxConfigurationName="Debug" 
CXXFLAGS="-fno-inline -O0 -Wall -g3" "/home/joerg/projects/Quarc/trunk/Quarc/configure" --enable-debug=full --prefix=$_/../../.. --bindir=$_/../../../bin/Debug-$(uname -i)-gcc$(gcc -dumpversion) --libdir=$_/../../../binDebug-$(uname -i)-gcc$(gcc -dumpversion) --program-suffix=-1.5.0-Debug-$(uname -i)-gcc$(gcc -dumpversion)
mkdir: cannot create directory 
`/home/joerg/projects/Quarc/trunk/Quarc/../../obj/Debug-$(uname -i)-gcc$(gcc -dumpversion)/Quarc-1.5.0': 
No such file or directory
*** Exited with status: 1 ***

Building the project after changing the build directory also runs the automake 
tools and therefore exits with the same error message.

Executing the mkdir in shell I get:

mkdir '/home/joerg/projects/Quarc/trunk/Quarc/../../obj/Debug-$(uname -i)-gcc$(gcc -dumpversion)/Quarc-1.5.0'
mkdir: cannot create directory 
`/home/joerg/projects/Quarc/trunk/Quarc/../../obj/Debug-$(uname -i)-gcc$(gcc -dumpversion)/Quarc-1.5.0': 
No such file or directory

This is ok, because there is no 
subdir 'Debug-$(uname -i)-gcc$(gcc -dumpversion)'. But I want this expression 
to be expanded.

mkdir "/home/joerg/projects/Quarc/trunk/Quarc/../../obj/Debug-$(uname -i)-gcc$(gcc -dumpversion)/Quarc-1.5.0"
mkdir: cannot create directory 
File exists

This is what I expect. The directory expression is expanded. It exists from 
previous build (with hardcoded build directory).

> Also please tell us which kind of project 
> you use, i.e. 
> language 

> and buildsystem (autotools, qmake, custom  
> makefiles).

kdevelop 3.4.1

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kdevelop at kdevelop.org

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