Undebuggable crash

David Nolden zwabel at googlemail.com
Fri Feb 29 03:14:17 UTC 2008

Hi! Since my the commit I did today, I sometimes get a crash in kdevelop while 
parsing, that I cannot debug. I simply cannot find out what's causing it. Gdb 
does not give me a correct backtrace, and valgrind doesn't too.

Maybe someone else has more luck?

What you need to do:
- Build current kdevelop-4
- Start kdevelop-4, and open the kdevelop-project itself.
- Make sure you have a cmake build-directory set up in Settings -> Project -> 
KDevelop -> CMake, so the include-path resolver works.
- Open cpplanguagesupport.cpp
- Close kdevelop
- Start kdevelop
- cpplanguagesupport.cpp is automatically re-opened, wait until parsing has 
- Open the kdevelop project
- Wait until it is imported by cmake
- Insert a single space in the cpplanguagesupport.cpp file, so it is reparsed.
- Wait for crash

Greetings, David

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