KDevelop 4.0 development

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Wed Feb 27 16:06:55 UTC 2008

On 27.02.08 09:17:06, Kris Wong wrote:
> Alpha status implies feature complete for the release.  While KDevelop 4.0 will obviously not have all the features of the KDevelop 3 series, it is nowhere near feature complete.  It would seem more appropriate to label it as a pre-alpha release (KDevelop 3.99.1 pre-alpha 1 or something along those lines).

Uhm, isn't 99 more for betas? As for version number I'd got for 3.60.0
or some such, even after hackathon...

> It would also be largely beneficial to have a feature schedule.  A list of planned features and their current status.  At this point no one really knows the status of the project, or what features will be in KDevelop 4.0.  This makes it very hard for new developers to get started on the project.  Is there any plans for a discussion along these lines at the hackathon?
There aren't many plans at all for the hackathon actually, however this
one is probably a must-do. I guess everybody involved has something like
a todo list somewhere (maybe just in his/her head) of what needs to be
done for 4.0.0. 

We should really strive to put that into words and write it down,
preferably at a public place.

I know the wiki has some 4.0 ideas on some pages, but we really need to
start prioritizing them. Some time ago I wanted to put some things into
bugzilla, unfortunately I didn't yet get to that :(


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