Refactoring support

Robert Knight robertknight at
Wed Feb 27 00:29:36 UTC 2008


Something that was mentioned as a long-term goal for KDevelop, at
Akademy I believe, was refactoring support for C++ and possibly other
languages.  This is the one aspect of an environment like Eclipse/JDT
which is I greatly miss when dealing with KDE code.  I couldn't find
any further documentation on the wiki about it though so I'm not sure
if it has been discussed in detail yet.  This is something I'd be
interested in helping to implement.

I have been looking at the C++ language support (the DUChain) in
KDevelop 4 and it seems to be pretty good shape apart from the lack of
persistence - which I don't think is a problem for at least getting
the basics of a refactoring framework working.

Any thoughts about how to proceed on this?


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