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David Nolden zwabel at
Sat Feb 16 10:33:59 UTC 2008

On Saturday 16 February 2008 01:42:20 Aleix wrote:
> Hi list,
> Today I noticed that there was a lot of problems when opening a c++
> file (on a cmake project).
> I saw that it wasn't able to find any headers and digging through the
> output I have found that:
> kdevelop(29102)/kdevelop (cpp support)
> CppLanguageSupport::findIncludePaths: Did not find a build-manager for
> KUrl("file:///home/kde-devel/kdevelop/buildtools/managers/cmake/parser/vari
>ablemap.cpp") kdevelop(29102)/kdevelop (cpp support)
> CppLanguageSupport::findIncludePaths: Failed to resolve include-path
> for "
> KUrl("file:///home/kde-devel/kdevelop/buildtools/managers/cmake/parser/vari
>ablemap.cpp") ": "Makefile is missing in folder
> "/home/kde-devel/kdevelop/buildtools/managers/cmake/parser""
>  "problem while trying to resolve include-paths for variablemap.cpp"
> Well, it is actually saying that he can't find a project for the
> specified file, which is found on the project obviously.
> Does anybody have any idea about how to solve this?
> Thanks,
> Aleix

This probably needs some debugging. For me it works currently, but it often 
had bugs that made it fail in the past. Seems like the projectForFile(..) 
code is a little fragile. :)

greetings, DAvid

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