Further (XML)GUI issues

Alexander Dymo dymo at ukrpost.ua
Wed Apr 30 22:07:08 UTC 2008

On Wednesday 30 April 2008 21:28:22 Vladimir Prus wrote:
> 1. Right now, IPlugin derives from KXMLGUIClient. It is though that that
> debuggers adds it toolbar to a main window. However, a given KXMLGUIClient
> can belong only to one XMLGUIFactory, and if we try to add it to two
> factories, it will be disconnected from the first one. As result, if we
> have two main windows, only one can have a debugger toolbar -- which
> appears to be unnecessary limitation. Any suggestions how to override that?
Good question. I have to think about that.

> 2. What code is responsible for saving the position of toolbars? For me,
> the size and position of both main and debugger toolbars appear to be
> changing randomly at times.
KDevelop::MainWindow::loadSettings and ::saveSettings
They eventually call KMainWindow::applyMainWindowSettings / 
saveMainWindowSettings. If something here doesn't work - that's because 
kdelibs code is broken.

> 3. What code is supposed to save and restore the position of main window in
> well-behaving KDE applications?
applyMainWindowSettings/saveMainWindowSettings should do that for us. This 
remembers position, window state and virtual desktop number.

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