Further (XML)GUI issues

Vladimir Prus ghost at cs.msu.su
Wed Apr 30 18:28:22 UTC 2008

while implementing areas that have some default views, and work in multiple main
windows, I've run in various issues where I can use some help.

1. Right now, IPlugin derives from KXMLGUIClient. It is though that that debuggers
adds it toolbar to a main window. However, a given KXMLGUIClient can belong only
to one XMLGUIFactory, and if we try to add it to two factories, it will be
disconnected from the first one. As result, if we have two main windows, only
one can have a debugger toolbar -- which appears to be unnecessary limitation.
Any suggestions how to override that?

2. What code is responsible for saving the position of toolbars? For me,
the size and position of both main and debugger toolbars appear to be changing
randomly at times.

3. What code is supposed to save and restore the position of main window in
well-behaving KDE applications?


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