Setting default set of views for area

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Mon Apr 28 17:19:52 UTC 2008

On 28.04.08 14:36:04, Vladimir Prus wrote:
> Right now, in SVN head, KDevelop starts up with two areas, "Code" and "Debug",
> and you can switch between them. Both areas have zero toolviews, and you
> have to use "View->Add tool view" to add whatever you like, but once you
> do that, the selection is persisted. This works for single main window
> at the moment.
> Now, I want the "Code" and "Debug" area to have some default views. Now,
> the areas are created in kdevplatform/shell/uicontroller.cpp, which is
> nasty. Adding a list of default views there is beyond my nastiness tolerance.
> How about creating the areas and setting default set of view in code, inside
> kdevelop/src/main.cpp? I don't think we need any generic area registration
> mechanism for the two default areas that the KDevelop-the-application will
> always create. Thoughts?

Why not using the same mechanism that will later be used to allow
plugins to supply new area's? Its easier to adapt them later on and
probably also easier to find them in case we ship more than those two at
some point - because all are in one place.


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