Saving "locked" state of toolview

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Sun Apr 27 08:21:44 UTC 2008

On 27.04.08 02:11:03, Vladimir Prus wrote:
> Right now, when one starts KDevelop4, all the toolviews are "unlocked"
> by default -- the disappear automatically. I find this somewhat annoying
> for the debugger views at least, and I see several possible solutions:
> 1. Just kill the notion of "unlocked" tool. Make them disappear only
> by explicit user click.
> 2. Store the "locked" state:
> 2.1 Store it per-application, so that if left tool area is locked, it's
> locked in all areas.
> 2.2 Store it per-area
> Any opinions?
> Suppose, for simplicity, that we took took approach (1) and all toolview
> appear when one clicks on toolview's button and disappear either when
> we click on the same toolview's button again, or click on other toolview's
> button.
> In that case, we still have the question if any tool should be visible
> when one opens KDevelop, and if so, which one. For this case, it seems
> clear to me that we should store this information per-area. Say,
> when we start in Code area, we probably want the project manager to be
> visible. When we start Debug area, we probably want something else
> to be visible.
> Is there agreement about this bit?

IMHO we should store the locked state, I don't think removing
the notion of "unlocked" toolviews is a good idea, personally I like
that for doing "quick" things in one toolview and then going back to
editing. Say for example after a find-in-files, open the
result-toolview, choose one of the results and then go back to editing
in the code.

I'm not sure though wether its needed per area or its ok
as application-global. Can anyone come up with a use-case where a
toolview should be locked in one area but auto-hiding in another?


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