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Aleix aleixpol at
Wed Apr 9 22:28:58 UTC 2008

On 4/10/08, David Nolden <zwabel at> wrote:
> 2008/4/8, Andreas Pakulat <apaku at>:
> > Hi,
>  >
>  >  this is mostly for David: Do you recall wether doing a static link of
>  >  the boost libs in debug mode improves the size of the plugin/shared
>  >  libs? I've just found out how to force cmake to use the static versions,
>  >  so this might be a way to reduce linking/loading time a lot...
>  >
>  >  Andreas
> I think the sizes are the same, except that now with dynamic linking,
>  the whole size is split into 5 sharable libraries.
>  There is another problem however, I think that's a result of the
>  shared-lib thing:
>  Teamwork doesn't work any more. KDevelop crashes whenever a message is
>  received in some dynamic_cast. Maybe we can have a look into that at
>  the hackathon. :)
>  What do you mean by "force cmake to use the static version". You mean
>  that he problem that forced us to make the libraries dynamic(something
>  with amd64) is solved?
I don't really know the problem deeply, but recently I had the same
problem (when trying to link a static library to a plasmoid,
libanalitza to the kalgebra plasmoid actually) and it was not possible
on amd64.

Take care!

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