Problems with svncpp, what to do?

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Thu Apr 3 12:39:57 UTC 2008

On 03.04.08 07:43:37, Kris Wong wrote:
> > Matt told me today that subversion support doesn't build for him. The
> > reason is that he's using svncpp (rapidsvn C++ client lib)
> > 0.9.6, while
> > I used 0.9.4 while working on svn support. I also had that version
> > installed until today (did an upgrade). Apparently the rapidsvn devs
> > don't have any binary compatibility - or even source compat -
> > policy and
> > simply reworked large parts of the API.
> Not having a BC policy (especially in a maintenance release?!) means this is going to continue to be a problem going forward.  It's probably not a good idea to be dependent on a project like this.  Even if this issue is fixed now, it will arise every time they release.

As far as I can see the project doesn't have any notion of "maintenance"
releases. Looking at their development, they're working on 0.9.5 and
when they want to do a release its called 0.9.6 and they start working
on 0.9.7.

That said, I'm also thinking that simply copying the library into
kdevelop might be the best option for now. Though in that case I'd go
for 0.9.6 as the API is really a lot cleaner.


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