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Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Fri Nov 9 11:10:19 UTC 2007

On 09.11.07 11:24:58, David Nolden wrote:
> On Thursday 08 November 2007 01:06:27 Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> > About main menubar/toolbar: I was thinking we could do something similar
> > as Eclipse has for running apps. That is we have a menu item "Build..."
> > that opens a dialog with checkable project/targets tree hierarchy (no
> > deep nesting, just plain list) to select what to build. Then we'd have
> > both a menu item and a toolbar item "Recent Builds" which contain
> > something like the last 5 builds to re-run them. Same thing for install
> > and clean. And these are perfect candidates for the keyboard shortcuts,
> > so you can easily re-run the last build of your project/target
> > combination.
> I haven't used eclipse seriously. This does sound a little complicated, and 
> for example if you have opened the projects "kdebase" and "kdelibs" how 
> should the hundreds of targets be represented in that list?

:) I already implemented the basic thing with just projects. But this
morning it occured to me that the extra dialog isn't needed at all. We
can easily have checkboxes for Build/install inside the project
management view. That way you can easily select which stuff to build,
including subfolders or targets specifically (helpful when working in
kdelibs when you don't want to build/relink the tests) and have only 1
action (including shortcut) to build anything thats selected in the
management view.

> What about this:
> We could introduce something like a build-list. In the project-view, you could 
> have a context-menu action and a split-view button "Add to build-list".
> The "Build" menu would show you that build-list, so the "Build" entry would be 
> called "Build kdesupport, kdelibs, kdevplatform, kdevelop", and there would 
> be an entry "Clear build list".

Doesn't scale well, especially when allowing to select individual
folders/targets. The checkboxes allow to easily see where builds are
happening, with the tristate-thing (i.e. grey checkbox if not all
subitems are going to be built)

> Additionally the project-view and split-view could contain a 
> button "Quickbuild", that simply builds the selected target without using a 
> build-list.
> Previous build-lists/quickbuilds could be accessible through the "Recent 
> Builds" as you proposed.
> The advantage would be:
> - Scalable(no big list of targets)
> - Natural way of specifying the build-order
> Should we ever implement that feature, we could even represent the build-lists 
> by working-sets, and thereby store them to disk. :)

Hmm, given the above I think a way to store the list of selected project
items away is quite cool. Makes it easy to switch between different sets
of projects...

So my plan for today is getting the checkboxes into the tree and making
them react to a build action (not really that easy as we might have
multiple project management views, which need to be synced). Then the
next step is to create build-sets from that and provide a view onto
that, shouldn't be much work.


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