Project Management View ideas

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Thu Nov 8 00:06:27 UTC 2007


so the remove-the-splitview idea was torn down with pretty good
arguments :)

Thus I'd like to present a more complete vision of how the project
management view could be in KDevelop4. 

- Showing buildsystem and non-buildsystem files, that is the project
  model will get new item types for this. I'm not sure yet how to
  populate those

- Allowing to "remove" individual files/folders from project view (i.e.
  marking as ignore)?

- colorization/extra information from vcs interfaces (long term)

- Filtering out non-buildsystem and obviously also non-project files
  (distinction as explained above)

About the split-view:

- optionally show a detail view, if certain types of items are selected
  in the overview
  * if folder is selected show targetlist from folder+subfolders
  * if target is selected show filelist

The splitview could then get some special actions in it, like
adding/removing files to/from a target if a target is selected. Or
building/installing all targets that are shown if a folder is selected
(and thus all targets in it are shown). But I don't want to add anything
that will be duplicated on the toolbar.

About main menubar/toolbar: I was thinking we could do something similar
as Eclipse has for running apps. That is we have a menu item "Build..."
that opens a dialog with checkable project/targets tree hierarchy (no
deep nesting, just plain list) to select what to build. Then we'd have
both a menu item and a toolbar item "Recent Builds" which contain
something like the last 5 builds to re-run them. Same thing for install
and clean. And these are perfect candidates for the keyboard shortcuts,
so you can easily re-run the last build of your project/target

Of course the management view will also have context menu items for
things like build, install, add/remove files and so on (in the long
term), but as has been pointed out by Hamish and David thats not the
easiest way to access these things.


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