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Jens Herden jens at
Mon Jul 30 06:43:27 UTC 2007

On Monday 30 July 2007, Megan webb wrote:
> Okay. I contacted one of the developers, and the kompare maintainer.  No
> one is very active at the moment, and probably will not be able to work on
> it for sometime yet, if at all.
> Kompare needs work to be ported to kde4 - some of this has happened. The
> 3_way_kompare is the current work in progress.  There are more updates that
> haven't been checked in.  I hope that they will be  checked in soon.
> Will have another update on this when I have all the code to look at.  At
> the moment, I'm looking into how much effort to get a releasable version
> for kde4 and how much can be used in kdevelop (or the kdevplatform) - if we
> want to use it

I'd like to see this in kdevplatform.

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