[KDev3.4] Trollproject wrong qmake "include" handling

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Sat Jul 28 00:40:50 UTC 2007

On 28.07.07 00:21:17, Thomas Hasart wrote:
> the trollproject does not handling paths in include extension.
> f.e.
> --------*.pro
> include(subdir/subdir.pri)
> --------- subdir.pri
> SOURCES += subdir/test.pri
> if you click to open on the file item the the resulting filepath
> is : "$(projectdir)/subdir/subdir/test.pri" instead 
> of "$(projectdir)/subdir/test.pri"

Feel free to look into why that happens. I'm sick of the KDev3.4 QMake
stuff and am probably not going to work on it anymore. I don't even know
right now where to point you at, the include-file-reading is done in a
separate constructor of the Scope class, but I'm not sure wether the
path is computed there or while analyzing the AST.

I suggest to open a bugreport for that error.

> Another question:
> Why does the qmake parser makes two items on "include" (one funktionAst and 
> one child includeAst)? so you must ever expand two items to get to the 
> files....

a) It was that way when I started working with the parser
b) I'm not sure, but ProjectAST might break (or might have broken in
earlier versions) if there's no Statement in it, so for include's
there's always 1 statement added


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